Saturday, September 17, 2005

About A Boy Who Likes To Talk

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tony who just love to talk so much. He never stop talking from the time he opens his eyes in the morning till he closes his eyes at night. Even while he is brushing his teeth he still talking! He was too busy talking until he did not hear when his mommy asked him if he prefer fried egg or pancakes for his breakfast. Even after his mom asked him for the third time, he still did not answer his mom so finally his mom made him fried eggs for his breakfast. But Tony hates fried eggs, he loves pancakes, so he told his mom to make him pancakes, but his mom said "It's too late now to make pancakes, just eat the fried eggs and go to school!". Tony only eats a little bit of the fried eggs because he doesn't like the taste.

Every morning, Tony's father will drive him to school, and before they get into the car, his father remind him to bring his lunch box with him. But Tony was too busy talking "bla...bla...bla..bla...bla..." that he did not hear what his father said and he left his lunch box at home.

In the school, Tony never stop talking to his friends and his teachers and because of that he never hear the teacher's stories and he never learn to read or count. All his friends already know how to read and they can count till 100.

When it's time for lunch, all his friends open their lunch boxes and start eating their lunches but Tony forgot to bring his lunch box so he can only drink water from the school's water cooler.

Right after lunch time, the teachers bring all the students outside to play while they are waiting for their parents to pick them up. Since all Tony does everyday is talking, his friends do not want to listen to him because they rather play in the playground instead. But Tony doesn't care, he will talk to the trees if nobody wants to listen to him!

When Tony's father showed up to pick him up, he told Tony not to forget to bring his jacket back but Tony who still busy talking to the tree did not hear him.

At home, Tony's mom told him to take a nap, but while he is on the bed, Tony still talking to his teddy bear until it's time for dinner!

When Tony's mom going to prepare dinner, she asked Tony if he wants her to cook something for him but Tony did not hear her since he is busy talking to his toys! So she made some seafood dish. When it's time for dinner, Tony only eat a little bit of the seafood dish that his mom made because he doesn't really like seafood.

The next day, Tony did exactly the same as yesterday, and he still did that for the next couple days. Until one day he came down with the flu, he has runny nose and sore throat because he never take a nap, he never wears his jacket, and he always eat so little.

For the first time, Tony is not able to talk! He can only listen, nod and shake his head!

In the morning, Tony's mom asked him which one he prefer to eat, pancakes or fried eggs and this time since he couldn't talk, he heard what she said and he nod when she mention pancakes. Tony loves pancakes, so he ate them all!

Then when his father told him to bring his lunch box, since he could not talk, he heard that as well, so for the first time, Tony did not forget to bring his lunch box with him.

In the school, for the first time too Tony listen to his teacher's story and he was surprise because the teacher's story is really fun to listen to. His teacher is telling the students about Pinguins and Tony loves pinguins because they are so cute! Since he coudn't talk, Tony listen and learn how to read and count to 100. He finally able to catch up with his friends!

When it's time to have lunch, Tony ate his lunch together with all his friends and later he even play with them instead of busy talking to the trees!

Tony's father showed up and like usual he told Tony to bring his jacket back home and he did.

At home, he listen to his mom when she told him to take a nap.

When his mom was going to prepare dinner, she asked him to choose what kind of food that he wanted to eat, meatloaf of fish, and he nod his head when she mentioned meatloaf again. That night, Tony ate so much because he loves meatloaf!

Because Tony ate so much , then he wore his jacket, and he took a nap, he recovered from his cold fast. He can start talking again. But Tony also found out that he gain a lot more by listening more. He can eat the food he loves at home! He can enjoy his lunch together with his friends in the school! He never feels too tired again because he nap! He never feels cold anymore because he always remember to bring his jacket home! And surprise...surprise.... he enjoys listening to his teachers' stories and he finally can read his favorite story books on his own!

Sure... Tony still loves to talk....but now, he listens too.....

Most of the night, my husband always tell my son some made up stories before he sleep. Last night, my son asked me to tell him a story. At first my mind was completely blank, but slowly the story just came out little by little.
The inspiration of this story is my son. He LOVES to talk. Since he opens his eyes in the morning until he closes his eyes at night. I called him "TALKANDTALK" sometimes. I used the name Tony because Tony is my son's friend at school who happen to talk as much as my son does so this story did not offend my son and made him defensive. He actually loves this story, he thinks it's so funny and he learn from it. Or at least I think he is.....well....


june said...

It's so nice to have a talkactive kid. At least he makes your day cheerful.

Itu cetakan bolu kukus aku beli pas pulang kampung summer kemaren Yo. Di vancouver sih kayaknya blom nemu deh cetakan kayak gitu.

eliza said...

yoyo..bener ya si KK kayak gitu? saya pikir sih dia emang udah ada turunannya...huehehehe....