Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On my own

With my husband and my son gone, there wasn't much to say about my day. True, that I never have a lonely time because there are just too many people who still wants to go with me or see me.

I went out couple times with my old classmates. Girls time out. 3 girls. Wike, Bebe, and Fanny. It's great that we can still keep in touch after all this time. Beside Wike, the last time I was in the same school with Bebe was in Elementary School. And with Fanny was Junior High.

All of us has been pursuing our education overseas. While Wike and me were roommate in the US. Fanny went to take her BS degree in Fashion Design in Australia and Bebe has been everywhere. Australia, US, and even Belgium to study gems ! And for the only time when I decide not to bring my camera it turn out to be today when originally I want to just go shopping with Wike turn out to be a full reunion day when Bebe and Fanny decide to join us in the mall.

It was truly a fun day for me to have my old friends go with me. Living in Canada can be a very lonely experience.

At one time we were invited to go to a wedding. Ronny and Dolly's wedding. Ronny's sister is Novi who married my cousin Jacob. Novi used to be my classmate too in Elemtary School. She knows Wike, Bebe, and Fanny.

I took some photo of the bride and groom in the party, but after saying our congratulation to the happy family, we went out on our own to have a Japanese dinner nearby. Just me and my parents.

Everyday I kept thinking about my son but when I called him to chat, sometimes he refused to speak with me because he is too busy playing with his cousin Rong Rong in Taipei. He has a lot of fun there. Plus my husband brought him to see many things too. I can't say much about what he did since I wasn't there to record it, but at least I can show you my husband's photos.

When it was time to go back to Canada I was partly sad for leaving my parents but I was quite anxious to see my family again. The trip was uneventful, no delays and plus the plane was empty so I got to sleep flat on 4 seats in the middle of the airplane. But I have to stay for 18 hrs in Taipei International Airport . I chose not to obtain visa to get out from the airport because I don't want to bother my in laws since the plane arrived from Surabaya at 5.30 AM and leaving at midnight. EVA air gave me 6 hrs free to sleep in the airport hotel located inside the airport, then I add 8 hrs extra at US $ 12/hr. It's expensive I know but it worth every cent since I never been able to sleep well in airplane. For this reason also I prepare myself with bringing 3 DVDs to watch on my laptop and 2 novels. At the end I don't need to entertain myself because I slept a long time in the airport hotel.

When I am awake, I went to have my one free meal in the restaurant and make friend with an Indonesian lady who was on the way to LA to work as a babysitter. She said she has prayed to God to send her a friend and I guess I am the answer of her prayer. Her flight leaving much sooner than mine so I bid her goodbye. This is her first oversea trip.

Since I time it so that I don't have to walk around the airport so long, I still have time to have a manicure and nails painted in the beauty salon. In there I made 3 friends also , one lady from Vancouver who just come back from travelling to Hanoi, then one man who on business trip to Taiwan from Holland, and one CEO of a company in Silicon Valley who also come to Taiwan for business reason.

Then I do some duty free shopping before heading for boarding just 30 minutes left. Perfect timing. Then another great trip to Canada because the lady who sat next to me is so skiny and quiet she did not bother me at all.

It was great meeting my family again. I truly miss them so much. I felt bad when my husband told me my son was sad because when I came home in Canada, I wasn't the one who greet him on the door. But now mommy is back sweety !

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