Saturday, April 04, 2009

Shanghai Throught My Camera

Mind you though, my husband was worry that I will be too tired carrying my Nikon so he told me to only bring my small Sony camera. There are many times when I regret not to bring my Nikon, such as when we go to the Shanghai Museum, it's dark inside and we can not use flash light, this is the moment when I miss my Nikon.....(sigh). But since I only have Sony I have to make do with it somehow. Some of these photos have to be edited heavily so they can be more presentable. So let me present it to you my Shanghai photo collection ....

Pic: Chinese paint brush that I saw .

Pic : Instead of billboard, this is advertising boat !

Pic : This photo is my favorite shot of Richard in Shanghai.

Pic : I was attracted to take a picture of that cat on the roof.

Pic : Next year, 2010, Shanghai will have a huge Expo, and that blue statue is the symbol.

Pic : View from my hotel window.

Pic: This area is full with wholesaler Fashion seller. Talk about drop dead on your feet when shopping ! This place is too big ! After 2 malls , I gave up.

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