Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Children Photos Show Off Time !

I would like to share some of our children photos that I took from January until March. Our children usually are quite enthusiast to be my photo model so it was easy to make all these shots.
I will put an explanation under each photo ( unless they are pretty similar ) so I won't bore you with too many words when basically I just want to show them off to you, okay? Alrighty then.....
Pic: My little princess in her little castle inside her little room at the attic.
Pic: Isn't she so creative ? She made many different poses for me during this photo shot.

Pic : My happy little angel on my bed.

Pic: The many ridiculously funny faces our son. He is also a very creative model and it's very understandable because he has been my model for almost 8 years and I have taken at least a million shots of him , most likely more than a million. His photos has taken many toll on my computer. Blew up the hard disk several times because of overload. Yes, digital camera is getting cheaper and it is cheap to only develop the photo that we truly love instead of developing the whole roll of film, but what about the price of mega big hard disk to store all that photos?
Pic: Me playing with my little girl. I am the cat that she wish she can have.

Pic: My funny boy
Pic: I am glad that both children likes to draw just like their mommy and their grandpa.
Pic: My little girl likes to share , I guess because her big brother likes to share with her too. Good example !
Pic: BIG smile!

Pic: She loves to play dress-up with our clothes, but on this photo shots she wore her daddy's sport ( quick dry ) shirt and his shrunken heat ( It shrunk when I put it on my dryer machine, ( ooopppsss ! )
Pic: Isn't she is sooo cute, trying to look like her daddy ?
Pic: I took these shots when my husband and my dad went to Jakarta for the Java Jazz Festival 2008. She missed them so much and can not stop asking about them, so I let her talk to them on the phone.
Pic: That's my idea to put metal plate ( = seng ) on the children wall, about 1.25 m by 1.5 m ( sorry I am so bad at measurement ) then paint it with the same wall paint so that it will blend in with the wall. Then I bought magnetic paper from the stationary store, printed some family member pictures on them, make sure approximately they are the same size when printed, change the background to white so that when I cut them off, the back ground is white, like a sticker. Now she has many photos of Richard, Kai Kai, my dad and my mom and herself. That way we can play "family game", by telling a story using her real family photos. Am I smart or what???? One thing missing, until now I still have not made some with my own photos ... Since I am always the one behind the camera, it's so rare that I will be the object of my camera.... sad....sad....sad....
Pic: They both want to sit on daddy's lap.
Pic: Look at her, I can just say " One, two, three ... " and she will automatically smile for the camera ! "Say cheese ..... "

Pic: On our last trip to Taipei for the crusade I bought her this cheongsam ( Chinese dress ). She look so cuteee on it !!
Pic: My 2 beautiful children. Too bad that I couldn't find a Chinese costume for KK. I don't know why it's so hard to get one in his size ! Can anybody explain that to me???
Pic : My goodness, I came to my room one day ( and many more days ) to find this little girl sitting on my make up table and start using my make up !!! She just turn to me and give me a big smile because she knows I am going to take her photo. She told me that she wants " pity-pity " which translated into "pretty-pretty".
Pic: Yes, she wants to be the first Indonesia female astronaut some day.

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