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Halloween 2007

It's Halloween again! This year I am getting smarter in term of preparing my son's costume. It's been a year since I moved back to my home country after living 12 years outside of it. Last year I do not know where can I rent or make a costume for my son yet. So I did a quick research over the internet to find the easiest costume that even my employee can sew it quickly and correctly. She did her best, but because the costume is very simple ( peter pan ), in my opinion it looks kind of boring.

This year, I asked around first ( even though late like always ) and I found out that now there are several places / people who can make children costume in a jiffy. Firstly was this children rental store called "Dress Up -Kids" that not only rent their costumes but they can also make a customize one for your kid too. Then there is my own best friend Fanny who has made clothes for me in the past one year, she also makes some children's costume and rent them too ( but in my case she forgot to tell me that she may have some boys costume too! By the time I told her that I just paid for KK's costume, she belatedly told me that she has some costumes in her collection that may fit KK ). Then I also heard that there is a a big Batik store in Jl. Diponegoro that also either sell or rent traditional clothings for kids too that is either good for any National Day event, International Day Event or even Halloween. I will give you the complete information on this at the end of this story.

So anyway, with only 2 weeks left before Halloween I dragged my son to the costume rental store that is so near to his school and guess what? They told me that now in Surabaya there are many events where children need to dress up in costume. That's why their business is booming. Unlucky for me, because when I want to rent a costume for a 7 years old boy , they can only give me 2 options and both are capes. One is Dracula's cape and the other is Harry Potter's cape. For younger kids or smaller kids, they still have a lot of dinosaurs, animals and other hot and stuffy costumes available. I want cooler costume for my son, even though his school is fully air conditioned.

So she suggested me to go directly to where they sew their costume and make a customize costume for my son. Hopefully they can still do it on time because they are swamped with orders right now.

This time lucky for me, when I finally talked with the seamstresses ( many! ), one of them turn out to be my mom's old friend and maybe because of this she gave me a special treatment. She manage to make my son's costume ready 2 days before Halloween.

In her store, she showed me that if I have more time I can make more complicated costume for my son, then she proceeded by showing me several thick costume pattern books that most likely she got them from US. But both my son and me agree that we want to make a simple Ferrari racer costume.
My son's livelong passion is cars. He loves them so much that he can tell you that just by looking at a car's bumper from the magazine he can tell you the manufacture, the type and the year of the car! He IS crazy about car! He never stop quizzing his dad about what type and the year of a car until he drove his dad crazy until one day his dad gave him a difficult task just to shut him up. R asked him like this, " KK, instead of asking me and telling me about the make and the year of a car, why don't you tell me instead how a car can work? From the moment you fill the gas until the car ran. I want you to find out by your self and then give me a report. You can do research on your own since you have a laptop and internet access in your room right? ". When I heard this actually I was mad at my husband because I thought his task is too hard for a 6.5 years old and I don't want my son feel dumb because he can't do it. I think this task is too hard ! But R said no, he still insist that KK can do it and he has to do it.

About a week later, he asked KK again if now can he answer his question about how a car works and KK said yes. Imagine my surprise. Later we found out that KK has somehow manage to find some websites that tells him how a car works with words and with moving drawing. Then with his own words he manage to tell his dad exactly how a car works from the moment you fill your gas tank until the car runs. Since then I have bought him a book about how a car can run ( I accidentally found this book at a bookstore here, the book is in English ) and KK also bought one that is even better when his school has a book fair and again it's in English.

So now back to Halloween. Last year I wanted to bring LL to her big brother's school for the Halloween but she was still too young and still need to take her 2 naps at day time even though she had a Tinker bell costume that I bought for her from Disneyland. But this year she is big enough that she only need one long nap at day time from 9 to 1.30ish. I happened to buy her a fairy wings, a head band and a wand, all in pink. So she wore them to KK's school. Even my father came to school too!

KK was so happy with his costume, he told me that he wants to wear the same costume again next year and I am happily let him do just that ( why not? It saves me some money right? ) and the costume makers are experience enough that they makes his costume larger so that he can still wear them again next year even though I did not ask them to enlarge the costume size. They knows by experience that mommies like to save some money.

I am very happy too with his costume because I think he looks very nice in them and when I met the costume makers they told me that the race car driver costume will cost Rp. 300.000 or about US $ 33. Then they let us pick as many decorations that we want to put on his costume such as Chevron, Ferrari, Shell, Goodyear etc... Also she can put my son's name on the costume with no extra charge. Not bad ...

Yes so overall this year Halloween is even better than last year...

NOTE: The school last year has a trick or treat night out where children walked from one teacher home to another for some candies. I am not sure if we have it this year. What I know is that they decorate their gym room into a hunted house, but I think it is too scary for KK.

Pic: KK and his gang

Pic: At his classroom

Pic: With his pumpkin
Pic: Outside of his classroom

Pic: At the school's garden
Pic: Singing together while waiting for their turn to take the yearly Halloween photo class.
Pic: 2007 Halloween Class Photo

Pic: A save trick or treat

Vid: LL scared with this kid because he has a green face ( Hulk ) even though he approached her very gently.
Pic: All of the goodies are provided for free by generous parents.


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Tel: (031) 7414888,7413888

For Fanny's handphone number I think you need to email me because oops... I have not asked her for her permission to put it on my blog.

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