Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mother and Son Activities Together

These past couple days the weather has turn hot again. After enjoying a cooler weather due to rains now that we are in Moonson season, I can just feel it if there is just a degree change in our thermometer on the wall!

So I asked Richard and my son if they would like to go to swim and only KK answer yes. R chose to accompany us but he will spent his time in the gym instead. R has been under the weather for a over a week due to flu and he rather not swim and catch a cold again. This ancient Asian believe that cold caused by indeed cold is just too hard to shake off. It doesn't matter how many times I told him cold is caused by virus, he still can not accept it in his heart. He knows that I am right but his worry feeling is stronger than his logic. You have no idea how many times I have to ask different doctors to explain it to him that cold and flu comes from virus. Not from cold air!!!

Because he refused to swim with us, I took KK with me and I did not forget to bring my new Olympus camera that can take pictures of us underwater. Actually I have someone to thanked, someone wrote me an email through my Youtube account that he wants to see more of my underwater video. So yes, this is it.

I am glad that I went swimming today, the weather is great, not too sunny that I will come home with sunburn again like last time. Once in a while we even had drizzle but it stop within 5 minutes.

I was impress also with KK swimming skill, because he proof it to me that he swim faster than me!!!! I feel like a whale next to a dolphin !!

I also play around with the camera a lot. I miss taking good shots again!!!

I even put flower on KK's ear so that I can make the picture to show an tropical island living style! You know, like Bali? We are not that far from Bali actually.

I love the fact that they gardener plant flowering tree around the pool so that the flowers like to fall into the water and they make me feel like I am swimming in a big flower tub! On summer there are more flowers fall into the pool. It also fun to swim on my back while gazing at those tree brances laden with flowers on top of me.

KK is also so happy to find out that the hotel management has painted the slide with more slippery paint so he can slide down faster! Since we came early in the morning, KK did not have to fight with other kids to use the slide. There are only 2 other kids at that and just like KK, while he play with the slide he manage to make friends with those 2 kids. They are both younger than him, about 4 and 5. KK kept telling them how to use the slide, how to be safe while using it, how to slide faster or slower. Basically he kept drilling it into them on safety first. He is my boy after all , all right ...

Pic: KK loves to sun bathing ...

Pic: At Novotel Hotel , around the gym that also serve as a spa, they have several stone bowl filled with water and then they like to decorate it with flowers such as this above. They change the design regularly. The whole gym smell like spa because they always burn aromatic oil to perfumed the room.

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