Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday My Princess ...

24 January is my princess' first birthday. Even though she was suppose to be born on Feb 15Th, so that means she was 6 weeks early, but now she is growing into a very nice and quite large baby by Asian standard off course. Even though she just officially turn one today, she has wear clothes size 18 months or even 2 yrs old for couple of months now. That is why I was nervous that she won't be able to wear her birthday suit that I especially bought at Disneyland on our trip to LA before we move to Surabaya, Indonesia. Even then I already have a feeling that I better be safe than sorry, so I bought 18 months old Tinkerbell costume, complete with the head dress. I was right to buy bigger size because actually the costume is already a bit too tight for her to wear by her first birthday. What I did not expect was how hard is that to make her wear that head decoration! You have no idea how long I have to make the shots where she wear her hair decoration. Each shot has to be done within 1 second after my assistant put it on her head, more than 1 second, she will grab it and threw it away! At the end, I finally gave up and wore it myself, hahaha....

Now let me tell you the different between having a birthday in overseas countries alone or here in my home town with my friends and family. First, I don't have to worry about making a birthday cake or ordering it, we received a free princess theme birthday cake from Angie's Cake Boutique that is own by my mom's friend, and she made La La a beautiful princess birthday cake!!! So I thanked her so much for her kindness ...
For you who would like to order a cake like the one we got from her, you can order it from her store at:

Angie's Cake Boutique

JL. Kayoon No. 62
PH: 031-5340335
HP: 081-1305541

I am very happy with the cake.

Then my mom order a lot parcels that we delivered to our friends and family. This is a custom in Indonesia. Usually when a baby turn one month old, we like to delivered food that either wrapped in red color paper/plastic, and red dyed boiled egg. This is more to Chinese costume. But I know even Muslim here also like to send this kind of food parcels to their friend and relatives too. Then on the baby's first year birthday, again we send food or gifts parcels to our friends and relatives to inform them that today is our happy day because we are celebrating our baby first year birthday.

For the parcels, my mom and me were pretty disappointed with the result because they are not what we specifically ordered 3 weeks ago. The company's owner actually is our own cousin's wife and she did not keep her words. She change the order without even informing us first and I really don't like the design too. She promise so much yet delivered a little. I specifically do not like it when she trashed other people products and yet her own turned out to be the inferior one. She promised that she will put a very good cookies in it . It's quite embarassing to my mom that after she told her friends and family that they should find a box of cookie but then none of them did! Later we kept getting phone calls from them that they couldn't find the cookies in the parcel that they received .... It's very rare for anybody here to see my mom mad ....

Anyway... let's go back to happy thought.....

Oops... can not.

In the morning till afternoon I spent it by taking LL photos. Then on the afternoon we had a company meeting. It was a fun meeting until my dad received a phone call from the hospital where my mom is ( my grandma broke her hips in 3 area and just had a surgery to fix it few days ago ). Mom told my dad that grandma is crying and she wants everybody to come to see her so she can asked them to forgive her for all her fault. Just imagine what happened to the meeting, we had to stop and rushed to the hospital and we were not the only one who had to rush to the hospital that afternoon. We stayed there from 4 PM until 8 PM . Originally we were suppose to have a small birthday party within our family at 6 PM but we had to cancel it. When we came home, LL already asleep but I insist to wake her up so her first birthday memory is not going to be tainted by sadness. The way I see it, she can only have this one time, her first birthday. Sure we can celebrate it tomorrow, but it is not the same isn't it? Especially it turn out that my grandma is fine and even though now she is still recuperating in the hospital but she is getting stronger every day. So it was a false alarm after all.

So that night, we dressed her up in her birthday suit and we took pictures together for our memory ...

I am glad I woke her up ...

The best gift I can buy for her is a musical toy since she loves music and dancing so much.
And for everybody who still sending her gift even until now, thank you very much from the bottom of our heart.

Pic: My little angel Gabriella

Pic: Music is her passion

Pic: Me and my precious little princess La La

Pic: The Wu's Family

Pic: La La wishing you all to be here to celebrate with us !

Pic: Isn't she look so girlish?

Pic: Pucker up!


eliza said...

LL looks very chubby ya? has she walked yet?

Yohana Wu said...

Maybe because she chubby, she still can't walk yet. She only walk when people hold her hands. Another reason maybe why she still can't walk on her own. She is a very cautious person. Everytime I gave her new toy, she will approach her toys with a lot of caution! So unlike KK.

peekaboo said...

Ow, happy bday lil' Gabby. I love her outfit very much.

eliza said...

i think she might like KK...will walk a little bit later, but when she can walk, she'll run! :D
i'm still waiting for your email nih....

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