Saturday, December 09, 2006

School's International Day

Last month....this is how busy I was until I can only able to update my blog now. Anyway, last month the school celebrate their International Day by having a big shindig at the school. The preparation has been going over a month. Since I am not too involve with the preparation, I can't say much about it here. My bad....

All I know is that each countries are encourage to perform something that night and off course the chidren are encourage to wear their national clothes.

This year, R and me decide to let KK wear Taiwanese or Chinese clothes. Originally I thought I could just go to Pasar Atum ( in Chinatown ) Wholeseller center just to purchase the already made one but it turned out that they don't carry his size. Mostly only for 3 years old or younger. They will start selling KK's size again when it's near Chinese New Year. So for now, my only option is to buy the fabric and ask a seamstress to sew it for him. Custom made it.

Since I know that in KK's school there are quite a few Taiwanese students I thought my son won't be the only one who were going to wear this costume but it turn out to be he was the only boy who wears Chinese/Taiwanese old costume because most boys from Taiwan just wears T-shirts with the same logo because that night they need to perform. So KK became like their mascot, the youngest Taiwanese and he was the only boy with red bright color costume! On the parade, 2 pretty girls in short traditional dress hold his hands. Lucky boy ...

To start the event, they have International food festival at the cantine. The parents cooked many of their country dishes and let everybody have a taste for free. For me, I enjoy Korean food the most. They have a really good Kim Chee that night. My parents and Richard also thought that was one of the best Kim Chee that we have ever taste. I wish I could get my hand on the recipe ... I tried to speak with some of the Korean moms but it seems they couldn't understand me .... I will try again next time ...

Here are some of the photos that I took that night ...

Pic: International Food Festival

Pic: Netherland's Food

Pic: My son's classmate, her father is from Spain but her mom is Taiwanese, so she speak Chinese fluently.

Pic: Kai Kai in the middle of beautiful high school girls from Taiwan

Pic: The whole school's students were getting ready to sing together

Pic: ( L ) The only student from East Timor, the new country. (R) Zimbwabwe

Pic: (L) Korean ; (R) Indian

Pic: (L) Indian ; (R) Koreans

Pic: (L) Korean ; (R) Malaysia

Pic: (L) Australian students dress up and dance to honor Steve Erwin, the crocodile hunter. (R) Switzerland's students use this beautiful mural to describe the beauty of their country.

Pic: (L) Zimbabwe students bowed down after their performance ; (R) Netherlands performance

Pic: My son and his close friend from Netherland, the tulip boy that you saw on earlier photo

And now here are the video clips from that night ...

Vid: Indian dance, see that KK and his classmate are all dancing too in the dark.

Vid: America's national anthem

Vid: Taiwanese performance

Vid: Indonesian dance

Vid: Australian tribute to Steve Erwin, the crocodile hunter

Vid: Netherlands performance

Vid: Switzerland performance

Vid: Korean performance

Pic: The whole school sing together by the end of the party

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