Friday, July 28, 2006

Nothing Left

Here I am, sitting on the dirty carpet inside my Vancouver home because there is nothing to sit on anymore.

After 3 exhausting days, it's finally finish. On July 25th, it was the first day of packing. They sent 2 crews, both are very young and both are very nice, they have to work until around 8 PM.

On July 26th, was the second day of packing, this time they send 2 men again, one was the same guy that came yesterday but the other one is new, he is 70 years old but he really did not act like a 70 year old man, I appreciate his expertise since he has moving people's stuff for 50 years.... But because there are just too many things to be done, the company send another guy to help them, even then they have to work until 9 PM !

And today, is the uploading day. They send at first 2 men, but soon it was obvious that there is no way our stuff can fit inside a 20 feet container ( I knew it! ), so they have to send another truck to carry what ever that doesn't fit into that container and carry everything to their warehouse to be upload to a bigger container.

Sometimes it's hard to be right all the time. Since beginning I already knew that we need bigger container. Nobody believe me. Then I already predicted how much I will eventually have to spend, again... nobody believe me. I told Richard that we need to get rid a lot more stuff if we want to fit our stuff into a 20 feet container, yet he did not believe me and absolutely refused to get rid of his stuff but he doesn't mind at all if I have to get rid of my stuff to accommodate his stuff...


There are something good though. My friend, Mary Ann and her husband Vince offered Kai Kai to have a sleep over in their house so that way we can do things without being bothered by Kai Kai. So he is going to stay in their house for the next 2 days. He loves it there because Mary Ann and Vince are both crazy about their children and they will do anything to make them happy. She even wants to set a tent inside their living room tonight so that the 2 boys can have an indoor camping. This morning Vince took them to a water park in Granville Island after I told him how nice is that place.

They also offered to help us in many ways like selling our stuff but guess what? We sold all of our stuff by using They sold out so fast like a hot cake!

So now here I am sitting alone while Richard and La La slept on the floor on top of blankets that I will donated when we do not need them anymore. Thinking about how everything comes back in circle. After leaving my home town for over 12 years ago, now I am ready to go back there again. So many things has happened in the past 12 years, many friends to gain, even more to loose. A couple of exes left behind and at the end I meet my soul mate even though sometimes he is a bit annoyingly stubborn ( especially about getting rid of his stuff! ). 2 babies died but 2 babies survive. Many...many...surgeries are done to my body, they left many scars that will always be there. I do look like a Frankenstine in my opinion. There are many things that I lost in the past 12 years but I do gain so much experience from them. I am older now, I hope I am wiser because of what happend to my life.

There is time to be born.
And there is time to die.

There is time to grief.
And there is time to celebrate.

There is time to gain.
And there is time to loose.

There is time to leave home.
And there is time to come home.

I am coming home ...

Extra Note:

La La has been absolutely sweet, these past 3 days she pretty much has to stay on her crib to play with all her toys so that we can work and she did not mind at all. What a sweetie she is. And when I came to see her in her crib to feed her and change her diaper she always so gratefull, she always gave me her biggest smile and she raise her hand to me. Being with her really helps reduce my stress level. So when I am just overwhelm by everything around me, I went to her room and just play with her for a while.

Because I am too busy lately, I haven't upload her 6th months birthday yet, so I just want to write her update here. Now she weight about 7.5 kg and she is 70cm long. She has 1 tiny tooth on her lower gum and she looks so cute with just one tooth! Especially when she smiles. She still refused to eat solid and she start showing some sign that she may learn to sit and crawl pretty soon. If I sit her on the floor without support, she can do it for about 1 minute then she start to fall to her front but usually she support herself with her hands. But if she falls on her side then I have to rescue her. Today I saw her pull her knee in when she is on the floor facing down. So she is like in a crawling position but she is not moving anywhere yet. She can goes around if I put her on the floor or in her crib but she move like a catepillar by using her tummy and her bottom to kind of slithered around. She start exercising her voice into many different sounds and she can make loud noises too not because she is upset and cries but I think she does that to see what kind of reaction she can get if she talk loudly to me. She knows that I think she is funny when she wiggle her bottom when I change her diaper or feed her so she likes to do that more often while smiling at me.


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