Monday, January 16, 2006

Drug Bust

On January 9th, around 9 PM we saw 2 police cars in front of our neighbor's place. At first I thought there was a burglary but then the policeman said that it's not. They didn't want to explain it further. Yet one of them ended up parking outside that place the whole night through even until the next day! They changed shifts every couple hours.

We tried to get information again from them but they still refuse to tell us anything. Until around 3 PM everything changed. All of a sudden my neighborhood is full with policemen, ambulances, and fire trucks! They even build tent with several tables under it! Things just got weirder and weirder!

I called the manager of this housing area to asked her if she can tell us what's going on but even she knew less than us! The police didn't bother to explain it to her. They broke into my neighbor's place on their own.

At night, I saw few people that dress up in moon suit kind of clothing walking in and out of that place. They took a lot of things out, put them on the tables under the tent and took some pictures of them. Just like in the SCI movie! By then I can guess what's going on in my neighbor's place, and I was right. It's a drug bust....

Just to let you know that actually my area is a safe area. We normally do not see crimes happens here. In fact I am still surprise that my neighbor made ecstasy pills in their home! They are always so nice and quiet. Always friendly to us. We never saw gangster type of people around our neighborhood at all. One thing that my husband notice that's weird is that they like to park their car in the visitor parking spot while letting their guests to park their cars inside their garage. Usually is the opposite right?

Well...that's all folks....a little interesting moment for us here in our normally quiet neighborhood....

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